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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Prestige Shantiniketan Yahoo Group


Welcome to the blog
PrestigeShantinketan-YahooGroup. This will serve as a site where you can find all the useful information related to Prestige Shantinketan Yahoo Group.

Prestige Shantiniketan Yahoo Group is a more than a thousand member strong yahoo group of apartment owners, prospective buyers and others interested in the prestigious project - Prestige Shantiniketan, Bangalore.

If you own an apartment in Prestige Shantiniketan, please join the group today to meet other apartment owners. Even if you are just looking to buy an apartment over there , feel free to join the group which may help you to take an informed decision.

The yahoo group is moderated by a team of moderators who work voluntarily to provide you an excellent medium of communication. However, its a strictly moderated group and you are expected to follow certain policies which is mentioned at this site.

The yahoo group site is and if you have any questions, please feel free to email to me at my yahoo id npriyadarshi.

Happy Yahoo Grouping,

Neel Priyadarshi
Group Moderator

Moderation Policy

This is a place holder but sooner we will have the moderation policy posted over here which will give you an idea how the moderation is done for this yahoo group to make sure that the benefits of such group are optimised.

Yahoo Group has benefitted me a lot, how can I return the favor?
Prestige_Shantiniketan Yahoo group helped to bring you together as an online community of those who share the same interest - interest in the Prestige Shantiniketan residential project. You found it useful, sharing your idea, raising your concern, met others with similar interests. It also helped if you wanted to buy an aparatment or wanted to sell your apartment.

While it helped you enormously all these days and the days to come, now there is a way to return the favor in form of a donation for charity. I have identified few organisation working for good cause and the details about them is published. When you have a posting which is related to buy/sell of apartments or of any other commercial nature, you will be required to make a donation of amount indicated in the section below. You can also choose to donate for any other cause which you feel appropriate.

Thank you for your support.

Donation Schedule

Here is the details of the payments which you will have to make in form of a donation for charity while you get benefited for making a post on the yahoo group. The donation can be made to any charity orgainsation of your choice or you can see the ones listed at the site Our Donation for Charity.

Type of Postings
Type of Apartment Postings on Yahoo Group Listing on Market Place
First PostingRepeat Postings within three months (Max 2 nos of repeat post)One MonthThree Months Six months
To Sell

2 BR


3 BR/3.5 BR 1500 300 3000 6000 9000

4 BR

2000 400 4000 8000 12000

Penthouse 5000 1000 10000 20000 30000
To Buy 2 BR
3 BR

4 BR

5000 10000 15000
Real Estate Agencies and Other Service Providers
Period Membership to Yahoo Group
Membership allows you only to receive the posts from members and reply to them offline.
Listing on Market Place
1 Months

6 Months


One year


Five Years


Life Time


Individual Posts from
Real Estate Agencies

Real Estate Agencies have two options - You can take membership and post yourself or you do not take the membership and get your ad posted on your behalf through the moderators or through any of the member.

If you are not in position to make the donation as mentioned above, please email with what you can afford and we will try to accomodate your request.

The process is very simple, based on the nature of posting, decide the amount which you need to pay as donation. Visit the site "Our donation for Charity" to see which option you would like to go. Make the donation and then send an email to the email id
Once you get acknowledgment from this email id about the receipt of the payment, please go ahead and make your postings.

Fees :
Starting Sep 09, you will have option to pay a "fees" which will be half of the donation amount directly to me. (This money is not used for charity and may be considered as the compensation for the time which I spend on maintaining the yahoo group and providing you such a wonderful medium to communicate with others.) If you are interested for this option, please email me at